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Our Treatments

We are your foot and nail experts, with the most comprehensive treatment programmes across New Zealand.

Lunula Cold Laser

Erchonia™s new Lunula Laser is a low-level laser that delivers proven results. Grow clear and healthy toenails with safe laser therapy. No pain, no downtime, and no risk. No more embarrassment about unsightly finger/toenails.

Keryflex Nail Restoration

KeryFlex Nail Restoration is a painless, in-office application that restores the appearance of an individual’s natural nails. This system allows Fungal Nail Solution clinicians to remodel an individual’s damaged nails affected by fungus, defects or trauma. The composite resin creates a flexible, but durable, non-porous nail that allows the remaining natural nail to grow. The KeryFlex nail is an immediate cosmetic improvement providing a natural-looking nail. It is unaffected by acetone, nail polishes or detergents.

Onyfix Nail Bracing

The Onyfix nail correction system is a versatile and innovative product that enables completely painless treatment of almost all forms of involuted and ingrown toenails.

Your foot care expert adapts the system individually and fixes it to your nail, which is then brought back into its natural shape as it grows. The whole process is pain-free, during application and throughout the entire treatment!

General Nail Care

The technicians at Cosmetic Nail Solutions are trained to care for your nails. Some nail pathologies can become thickened and extremely hard to self-manage. We start by thinning your nails down with our specialist drill before trimming your nails to ensure that your nails look as presentable as possible.

Dr Remedy

Dr.’s Remedy Enriched Nail Care collection stands apart from other nail polishes for its wellness-inspired approach to creating and maintaining strong, healthy nails without harmful chemicals. Our clinicians are highly trained and can provide recommend the right Dr Remedy product for your nails.


For a severe or recurrent nail pathology, a surgical approach may be appropriate. Cosmetic Nail Solutions use three different surgical procedures, which are chosen on a case-by-case basis. These include removing the entire nail (total nail avulsion), removing a side of the nail (partial nail avulsion) or removing a small section of the nail (debridement). An improvement in healthy nail growth can be experienced in some patients who undergo surgical treatment in combination with other treatments.

Whatever your foot or nail condition, we have a solution that fits. Contact us to discuss your nail problem today.