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Lifted Nail Plate

What are Lifted Nails?

A lifted nail plate is when a nail (nail plate) on your fingers or toes separates from the skin on which it rests (the nail bed). It typically only affects one nail.

Common causes:

  • Overzealous cleaning under the fingernails

  • Nail polishes that contain hardening chemicals such as formalin

  • Rough removal of artificial nails

  • A fungal infection

Signs and Symptoms include:

  • Nails that peel away from their nail beds.

  • Tough, thick nail beds.

  • An abnormal border between the pink area of your nail and the white edge of your nail.

  • The border may look wavy, and the white areas may be thicker in some areas and thinner in others.

  • Discoloration in your nails and nail beds. They may look grey, green, purple, white or yellow.

  • Dents or pits (cupuliform depressions) in your nails.

  • Crumbling nails.

  • Hemorrhages underneath your nails.

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