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General Nail Care

The technicians at Cosmetic Nail Solutions are trained to care for your nails.

What is involved with general nail care?​

Certain nail pathologies that have progressed significantly can become thickened and extremely hard to self-manage. We start by thinning your nails down with our specialist drill before trimming your nails to ensure that your nails are looking as presentable as possible.

Who is general nail care suitable for?​

The team at Cosmetic Nail Solutions suggest basic nail maintenance for individuals who find it challenging to maintain their nails. This practice can enhance the appearance of your nails and make them more comfortable to walk on or to wear shoes. You can choose to receive as little or as much ongoing nail care as you prefer.

How often do I need to have my feet attended to?

We advise scheduling appointments at our clinic every 8-10 weeks for consistent nail upkeep to optimise the health of your nails.

During your initial consultation, your technician will provide personalised recommendations regarding the frequency of general nail appointments that best suit your needs.

Contact us to find out more about general nail care.